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 Thank you for visiting our site. We are a local clock repairer and sales.We buy, and sell all types.We quote for any repair and if we are unable to repair your clock we will not charge you.We hope you can find something you like.
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Stags head    £300.00
Stags head £300.00
French Stags head in good condition, mounter on sheild. Approx 25 years old
French Wall clock                       £275.00
French Wall clock £275.00
Very nice ODO chiming French wall clock. Wonderful enamel face in great condition. Stunning piece, would look good in a kitchen ,hall or living room.
French Deco Clock                     £295.00
French Deco Clock £295.00
Spectacular French marble chiming mantle clock. wonderful French movement with an amazing piece of deco design. The hands are wrong and will be replaced in the next week. I have priced this clock to sell so yes it is a bargain.
French Slate Mantle                    £155.00
French Slate Mantle £155.00
Very nice small French striking mantle clock in very nice condition. From around 1880'ish. The face and case are in very good condition.
Picture-it Framing
Picture-it Framing
Steve runs a very professional Framing business. He is always happy to give a quote and advice
Steve and Mary Anne also have a very stylish Art Gallery and other beautiful things such as Glass and Beswick
Steve and Mary Anne also have a very stylish Art Gallery and other beautiful things such as Glass and Beswick
You will find Steve and Mary Anne upstairs at Retro Recyclers.  Unit 2 & 3 Breckland Business Park Norwich Road Watton IP25 6UP
You will find Steve and Mary Anne upstairs at Retro Recyclers. Unit 2 & 3 Breckland Business Park Norwich Road Watton IP25 6UP
Arts and Crafts Dresser              £295.00
Arts and Crafts Dresser £295.00
Wonderful light oak Arts and Crafts Dresser. Simple and stylish. Would fit into a modern or period home
Waite and Son Brass clock          £125.00
Waite and Son Brass clock £125.00
Very nice waite and son of Cheltenham caraige clock in good working order
Slate Clock                                 £145.00
Slate Clock £145.00
Very nice 1900's time peice Clock.Case and movement in very good condition
1950,s Mercedes clock                 £25.00
1950,s Mercedes clock £25.00
Great condition fun china working mantle in shape of elephant
Market Stall Swaffham
Market Stall Swaffham
Modern quartz Clock                      £22,00
Modern quartz Clock £22,00
Very nice modern quartz mantle clock in good condition. Would make ideal Xmas present.
Wooden Book Case                     £25.00
Wooden Book Case £25.00
Good quality solid wood book case in good condition. I think it from the 1960's
Beswick Ram                                £30.00
Beswick Ram £30.00
Beswick Ram with it's inspection sticker still on. It says it was inspected by L. Brown. Perfect condition. Again on the internet for about £40
Banjo Barometer                      £120.00
Banjo Barometer £120.00
Very nice long Banjo Barometer in walnut veneer case. Appears to work well. Has other features.
1930's Cake Stand                         £35.00
1930's Cake Stand £35.00
Very good dark wood cake stand. Very elegant and practical
Book Stand                                   £28.00
Book Stand £28.00
Edwardian Mahogany book stand. Lovely rich colour and nice peice of furniture
Mahogany Time peice                  £95.00
Mahogany Time peice £95.00
Edwardian inlayed mantle with nice clear face. Runs very quiet and working well
Stone Water bottle                        £10.00
Stone Water bottle £10.00
Small stone hot water bottle without cracks
Tin Paper Rack                             £22.00
Tin Paper Rack £22.00
Painter tin paper rack. Look old but isn't. Great talking peice
Edwardian water colours. Pair      £30.00
Edwardian water colours. Pair £30.00
Painter in 1928 by an unlisted artist. never the less would look good on any wall
The other one
The other one
1920's Chiming Wall Clock         £200.00
1920's Chiming Wall Clock £200.00
Very nice light oak wall clock in good working order. The strike is not too load but sounds good in the back ground
1951 Bagatelle Game                 £35.00
1951 Bagatelle Game £35.00
Original condition and working. Gtreat fun. Comes with its box
19th Century China                     £25.00
19th Century China £25.00
Wonderful hand painted dish with cover. Very pretty and in good condition for age. No chips or cracks
Hand Painted                             £20.00
Hand Painted £20.00
Hand panted
Staffordshire, Shorter and Sons dish with what looks like a poppy design
French Ormolu Clock                 £265.00
French Ormolu Clock £265.00
Very nice French Ormolu chiming mantle clock. It has a slate base with a very good French movement. The clock was made in the middle of the 19th Century. Very graceful and elegant
Victorian Needlework Box           £185.00
Victorian Needlework Box £185.00
Very nice work box in what I think is Walnut. It has some very nice inlay on the top and sides. The inside is equally as good. Well worth a look.
German Wall Clock                    £110.00
German Wall Clock £110.00
Small German wall clock from about 1910. It has an oak case with a good striking movement. The clock has been serviced and cleaned
Large Arts and Craft Style          £185.00
Large Arts and Craft Style £185.00
Large Westminster chime Arts and Craft style mantle or table clock. the case is in solid oak and the movement is very good quality. Think it dates from around the 1920's
Edwardian Time piece                  £90.00
Edwardian Time piece £90.00
Very nice small Edwardian mantle clock. It is a good time keeper. Finished in oak with a French movement. Very stylish and different. Well worth a look.
Victorian Davenport                £165.00
Victorian Davenport £165.00
Old oak Davenport with barley twist legs. Side drawers with a door to cover. Secret pen tray. inside there are two drawers. Lovely old thing
Brevete Mantle                            £225.00
Brevete Mantle £225.00
Quite rare Brevete mantle clock from the 1850's. This clock is like a carriage clock but in a wooden case. You do not see too many of these. In good working order
Small wall clock                                      £65.00
Small wall clock £65.00
This is something different, a tin advertising wall clock from the I think the 1930's. In very good condition for its age. It will be serviced and in the shop soon.
French Clock                            £155.00
French Clock £155.00
Very attractive French striking mantle clock. The case is in very nice condition. The movement is working well and the strike is rung by a bell. Very nice quality.
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